As the covid-19 epidemic has spread across the globe, many people have resorted to video games to pass the time in their spare time. Data indicate that the number of mobile games downloaded throughout the globe has increased. Since not all players have the same amount of free time and patience to play, hacks and cheats are used in this area to help them win the game.

Using the Call Of Duty warzone cheats is rather straightforward, but keep in mind that if you are caught or if someone else reports you, you will be permanently barred from the game. Listed below are some procedures that work on Android smartphones; however, since iOS is a closed operating system, it is not feasible to implement these processes on an iPhone or an iPad.

You must download the Call of Duty obb bundle before you can play the game. An APK file should be downloaded, and then the file should be extracted using either the built-in Windows extractor or WinRAR, depending on your operating system. Following completion of the first step, you will need to download and install the application on your device.

Installing the hack APK is straightforward; all that is required is that you save the file in the phone’s internal memory/Android/OBB folder. Once you have completed the extraction and saved the folder to your internal storage, you will need to install the game by utilizing the APK file that was downloaded before.

Different Hacks

Aimbot, often known as Auto-aim, is the most widely used Call of Duty Mobile Hack. As you can guess from the name, it lets the person who is using the hack kill the opponent without ever having to shoot at him or her. Instead, the aimbot software keeps track of the players and kills them as soon as they come within view of the computer.

If you are using this exploit, the adversary will be unable to kill you. As a result, anybody who employs the hack will always be aware of your whereabouts and will be able to kill you with a single shot. Trigger bot is a version of aimbot that may be used as a backup. Whenever an opposing opponent enters under your crosshair, the Trigger Bot will automatically shoot them down.

It’s one of the most often utilized hacks in Call of Duty mobile, and it is called wallhack. This hack lets the player who is using it see adversaries through barriers in the game, which is useful. Using this hack, you will be able to observe players hiding behind any wall, and some of the more advanced hacks will even enable you to follow your opponent’s health status.

The combination of a wallhack with an aimbot is the most powerful combination possible in Call of Duty mobile. The fact that wallhacks are more difficult to detect than any other kind of hack means that they are a popular option for hackers wanting to gain a minor advantage over their opponents.