Trading can be an exciting and lucrative career, but starting out can be tough. Finding a reliable fund to support your trading activities can be a challenging process. However, there is one program that is gaining popularity among new traders – the funded futures reviewprogram. In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine all the details about this unique program and explore why it might be the perfect jumpstart for your trading career.

What Is Funded Futures?

Funded Futures is a proprietary trading firm offering a funded trading program that allows traders to trade real-time futures contracts in a controlled trading environment. The program is designed to help traders develop their skills and confidence while trading with company capital. The company provides access to advanced trading tools, such as real-time market data, risk management software, and a robust trading platform. Monthly subscription fees start at just $99 per month, and traders can choose from a range of funded accounts, starting at $25,000 up to $512,000.

How Funded Futures Works

To participate in the Funded Futures program, traders must complete an evaluation process that gauges their trading skills, risk management abilities, and overall market knowledge. The evaluation process focuses on the trader’s ability to maintain a consistent profit in a simulated trading environment. Upon successful completion of the evaluation, traders are granted access to a funded trading account.

Traders can use the funded account to trade a range of futures contracts, including indices, currencies, and commodities. The program operates on a profit-sharing model, where traders keep a percentage of the profits generated from their trading activities. The percentage of profits earned depends on the account size chosen by the trader.

Benefits of Funded Futures

Funded Futures is an attractive option for new traders interested in accessing company capital and developing their trading skills. The program offers several advantages:

Capital: Traders receive access to company capital, allowing them to trade futures contracts without putting their own money at risk.

Risk Management: The company provides advanced risk management tools, ensuring traders trade within defined rules and risk parameters.

Trading Tools: Traders have access to sophisticated trading tools, allowing them to trade with greater precision and make informed trading decisions.

Profit-Sharing: The profit-sharing model incentivizes traders to make profitable trades, providing a direct financial reward for successful trading activities.

The Funded Futures program is an excellent option for traders looking to jumpstart their trading career. By providing access to capital, risk management tools, and advanced trading platforms, the program offers a competitive edge for traders, allowing them to trade with greater confidence and success. With a low monthly subscription fee, customizable funded account options, and a focus on trader success, there’s no better time to join the Funded Futures program. Get started today and take the first step towards a successful trading career.