Fresh flowers so far will only last about two to four days. It is sad to make fresh flowers as decoration in the house. But don’t worry, now there is an option to make fresh flowers still bright for a long time, even years. The name is preserved flowers.

Preserved Flowers

This name is preserved flowers. These are fresh flowers that still look fresh because through a high-tech preservation process. The texture of preserved flowers looks like cut flowers. Not only for the decoration, preserved flowers also can be used in graduation bouquet.

The preservation process uses eco-friendly tech that meets international environmental standards. Through this process, flowers can maintain their original suppleness, shape, and brightness for a long time.

Process of Preserved Flowers

First, you need to pick a fresh flower and cut it. Send to the factory for sorting and processing. The substances used in this preservation process are harmless. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive, and non-chemically reactive. The dyes used are the same for food and medical purposes. So it will not pose any risk of danger.

Easy Ways to Preserve Flowers 

  1. Glycerin

The first way to preserve flowers is to use a mixture of glycerin when the flowers are in full bloom. The use of glycerin can prevent the flowers from drying out and maintaining their shape. It happens because glycerin replaces water in the flowers and makes flowers won’t dry out. When using this glycerin mixture, the flowers will look more supple and supple.

Unfortunately, the color of the flowers will fade over time. Therefore it is necessary to add food coloring to maintain and enhance the color. It takes about six weeks for the flowers to conserve. But the results will last for years with minimal maintenance.

  1. Microwave and Silica

The second way is to use a microwave. Using silica gel will maintain the shape of the flower in a blooming state. Silica gel can dry the flowers on its own without the help of a microwave, but it will take longer.

The first step is to pick the flowers and cut them from the stems. Prepare a container in the microwave and according to the size of the flower. Cover the bottom of the container with silica gel according to the size of the flower, then place the flower on top. Then slowly pour more gel over the flowers. Make sure the flowers are not damaged when they get a splash. Place the lidless container in the microwave. Set the heat to low and let it sit for two to five minutes. Check process progress to know if you need rise heat or time. When it’s finished, open the microwave and close the container. Remove from the microwave and slightly open the lid and leave for 24 hours. Remove the gel from the flower with a soft gel brush. You can also add acrylic spray for protection.

  1. Soft Sand

Another way is to use sand. Fine sand turns out to be able to preserve flowers. But this technique can only be used on firm leaves and flowers. The first step is to pour a layer of sand into the box and put the flower on the sand. Pour the sand again slowly on it until the flowers are fully covered. Leave for two weeks until the flowers dry, then remove the sand.

  1. Epoxy Resin

This one method is more complicated but gives amazing results. Using an epoxy resin should work quickly. First, do the drying of the flowers, you can use the air or microwave drying method. Cover the workbench with old newspapers or cloth. Prepare a disposable container for the epoxy resin mixture according to the size and number of flowers desired.

Pour the resin into the container, stirring according to the recommended time. Then dip the flowers and place as desired. Then pour back the epoxy resin. Wait a few minutes for the epoxy to sit between the petals. Then remove the flowers from the mixture and hang them on a layer of newspaper until they harden. Epoxy usually hardens within five minutes.

This method is great if you want to make jewelry and other crafts.

Advantages of Preserved Flowers

There are many advantages to using preserved flowers over fresh flowers.

  1. Long-lasting

Ordinary fresh flowers will only last a few days or weeks after they are cut. Depending on whether they are placed in an open or closed room. While preserved flowers will last for months, a year, even 10 years.

  1. Cheap and Festive

Despite undergoing a preservation process, preserved flowers are cheaper than real fresh flowers. On average, a bouquet of real flowers can reach $70, while for a bouquet of preserved flowers it is only $10. Very far in comparison.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

When buying preserved flowers, you don’t have to worry about how to care for them. Because they do not need to be watered or cut dry leaves. Flowers will always bloom beautifully every time.

  1. Multifunction

Its durable nature makes preserved flowers easier to use for many things. Can be used as indoor decorative flowers, event decorations, bouquets, and accessories.

Differences Preserved Flower and Dry Flowers

We already know that the preserved flower is a flower that is preserved through the pickling process. In contrast to dry flower which is a drying process with air. Usually only by hanging flowers for days then the flowers will dry by themselves. After it is completely dry, then the flowers get treatment to adjust the color of the flowers so that they can be the same as the original. But most choose to let the color fade.

Dried flowers can last for less than a year. Although this drying process will reduce the water on the flowers, it does not run out immediately. Unfortunately, dry flowers are more prone to damage, the color fades quickly, and the petals break and fall off.

Both were able to be used simultaneously. Mix up preserved flowers and dry flowers as decorations for hotels, restaurants, or weddings, and engagements. Both are more economical and durable.

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